Inclement Weather Updates & Protocols

Check this space for updates on our inclement weather protocols. Currently no protocols are currently in effect. 

This page is updated year-round as any inclement weather impacts Studio East’s operations, whether that be snow, ice, smoke, heat, air quality, or other.

For Covid-19 policies, visit HERE.

Should you have any questions about inclement weather or Covid-19 protocols, please email Education Director Kaysy Ostrom at [email protected] or Production Stage Manager Cassie Fitzgerald at [email protected].

Smoke & Air Quality

Studio East will generally follow Air Quality Index (AQI) thresholds for outdoor programs. See below for these guidelines:

  • AQI under 150 – normal operations
  • AQI over 150 – move programs indoors and limit outside time to lunch and short breaks. Allow no prolonged time outdoors or any physical exertion
  • AQI over 300 – move programs indoors and fully limit outside exposure
  • Note: For outdoor programming like Shakespeare or StoryBook in the Park, determinations will be made on a case by case basis as for cancelations, etc.

When there are air quality concerns, all staff and student families will be notified and asked to follow these policy guidelines.

Summer Heat Waves

During heat waves where the local actual temperature exceeds 90˚ and Studio East has outdoor activities planned or will have programming in locations where no air conditioning systems are in place, a decision will be made by Studio East leadership as to whether programming will continue as planned, be canceled, or rescheduled.

Though variants may come into play based on heat index, at 90˚ or less, outdoor programming will proceed though staff will begin to proactively monitor students and themselves for any symptoms of heat exhaustion as temperatures approach 90˚.

At 91-99˚ actual temperature, a decision to cancel or proceed with programming, or scale back number of program hours, will occur based on various elements: time of day, temperature in different geographic locations, access to cooler temperatures periodically indoors/in shade, heat index, etc.

At 100˚ or greater on the heat index or actual temperature scale, outdoor activities that can’t be moved indoors will be canceled or rescheduled. In those conditions, the risk level to be outdoors for any significant amount of time is significantly increased.

Any cancellations will be confirmed in advance of scheduled programming to audiences/participants via website, email and social media. When programming will occur during known high heat days, Studio East will reach out to guardians/audiences asking that they help proactively by making sure they prepare with sufficient fluids, dress for the heat, and follow other recommendations like wearing sunscreen, etc.

Winter Weather

If you do not feel safe driving, please stay home!  If you can, call or email to let us know so we don’t worry.

If we need to cancel activities at the Studio, we will make that decision no later than two hours prior to the start time of class or camp.  We will post the news on our website and social media as well as contact you via email.

If we have to cancel a class, we will do our best to either schedule a make-up class or switch to a virtual classroom for the day (all of our teachers are also skilled Zoom instructors).