Education Policies and FAQ

Education Policies

After School, Homeschool, and Workshops

Payment Policy: Full tuition is due at the time of registration.  We will not process your payment until the class has met its minimum enrollment.  Our registrar will advise you when class is a “go” (or cancelled) and we will then process payment or shred your payment information.

After School and Homeschool Class and Workshop Withdrawal and Refund Policy

If class cancelled by Studio East: Full refund.

Drop before 1st class: Full refund, less $25.

Drop after 1st class: You will be charged the value of one session of class plus $25.  The balance will be refunded or may be held as a credit which expires one year from the start date of the class for which you registered.

Drop after 2nd class: No refund, but 50% of total class tuition will be held as a credit which expires one year from the start date of the class for which you registered.

Drop after 3rd class: No refund or credit.

Workshop Series: If registered at the discounted price and you drop any workshops, you will then be charged the non-discount price for the workshops you do attend, plus a $25 registration fee, and the remainder will be refunded.

Payment Policy: Full tuition is due at the time of registration.  We will not process your payment until the class has met its minimum enrollment.  Our registrar will advise you when class is a “go” (or cancelled) and we will then process payment or shred your payment information.

Break Camp Withdrawal and Refund Policy:

If break camp is cancelled by Studio East: Full refund.

If you withdraw: A full refund, less $50 will be issued prior to 1 week before the start of camp.  No refund will be issued within seven days of the start of camp.

Summer Camps

Payment Policy: Full tuition is due at the time of registration.  We will not process your payment until we have confirmed that there is room in the camp for your student.  Our registrar will confirm enrollment by email.

Summer Camp Withdrawal,  Refund, and Switching Policy:

If program is cancelled by Studio East: Full refund.

Withdrawals up to 2 weeks before start of the program: Full refund, less $50.

Withdrawals within 2 weeks before start of the program: No refund or credit.

Switching between programs is allowed, based on availability. There is a switching fee of $25.00 per switch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does the Studio announce Quarterly Theater Classes?

The Fall Quarter class schedule will be posted on the website in August. Mini Winter and Winter Quarter class schedules are posted in October, and the Spring Quarter schedules are posted in March. You can get advance e-mail notification by contacting our Education Director. Our Summer Camp schedule will be posted in February.

Q: When can I start registering for Quarterly Classes?

Class Registration starts as soon as class schedules are posted on the website or made available in hard copy, which is at least 6 weeks before classes begin.

Q: How does the Studio choose classes?

Classes vary from Quarter to Quarter based on the availability of Instructors and perceived student interest. If you have an idea for a class that we aren’t offering, contact the Education Director – if you have at least six students and we have the space and the instructor, you can create your own class!

Q: What’s the difference between a Technique Class and a Performance Class?

Technique Classes are focused on the process of building skills. Students may approach a different topic or theme each class, testing and applying skills in different ways. Memorization will not be necessary, or will be minimal. The final day of class usually involves a showcase of activities for parents that highlight the skills students have learned. Performance Classes are focused on creating a performance piece. Lines and/or songs are memorized, movements are polished, and each class builds on the work done the previous week. The final day of class includes a performance of the finished play, dance, or musical revue, usually with costumes and props.

Q: How will I know which class is right for my child?

You know your child best! If there’s a particular theme or aspect of a class description that excites her, that’s the right class. If your child is particularly shy, then perhaps starting with a Technique class will give him a chance to build some self-confidence without the pressure of a performance at the end. If she is a major drama queen at home, then perhaps a Performance class is the right place to focus that energy. If he really enjoyed working with a particular Instructor, then perhaps engaging with that teacher again is a good idea. There is no “right” pathway through Studio East classes. Each class will give your student new skills and experiences. The Education Director is always happy to talk through the specifics of each class with you to help you make the right choice.

Q: What happens in Mini-Classes?

The same great drama education that happens in regular Quarterly classes, but in only five weeks!

Q: My child is just outside the posted range for a particular class, but I think she’d be an excellent addition to that group. What can I do?

Occasionally the Education Director can make exceptions to posted grade levels for classes, depending on the age range of the students enrolled in the class. Social maturity as well as skill level is an important factor to consider when making the best choice for your child. Posted ranges are set to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved, and the Instructor can work best with a small range of skill levels. Please talk with the Education Director if you have any questions.

Q: Can I observe a class before I enroll?

Each class will have a final presentation of some kind, and that is the best time to observe a class you might be interested in taking the following Quarter. Contact the Education Director for details and to make an appointment.

Q: Are make up classes available?

In order to maintain our individual class experiences with small class sizes and student to instructor ratios, we do not offer make up classes.

Q: What is your attendance policy?

We expect all students to be in class regularly, arriving and departing on time.  If you foresee a conflict with a class, please contact the Education Director to talk through options in order to ensure a successful experience for your student, as well as his/her classmates.

Q: Who are the Instructors?

You can find photos and biographies of our instructors by going to the page of the camp or class that you are interested in and clicking on the Instructor’s name link below the class description. All of our Instructors are passionate about working with young people and sharing their expertise in the performing arts. We run Washington State background checks annually on all of our Instructors, and of course check references before hiring. Most of our Instructors have been teaching for more than five years. Many have Master’s degrees and/or teaching certificates, and most are Teaching Artists – active performers as well as Instructors.

Q: When does the Homeschool Drama Program happen?

Our Homeschool Drama classes will run in two sessions from September – December and January – April, plus a Spring mini-session from April – June. We start registering for classes in April for the next year, so check out our class listings on our website!

Q: When does the Studio announce Auditions for its Mainstage shows?

For the first three productions of the season, audition information will be included in the Fall Brochure and posted on the Studio East website in August. Audition information for the last two shows of the season and our Summer Teen Musical will be included in our Winter Brochure and up on our website in December.

Q: How does the Studio choose its Mainstage shows?

Studio East chooses the season’s Mainstage shows based on the anticipated skills and interest of actively participating students and those likely to audition. Other factors include the availability of show titles (meaning the rights and royalties), diversity of material, focus on different age groups, and activities of similar organizations in the area.

Q: What is your Winter Weather policy?

If you do not feel safe driving, please stay home!  If you can, call or email to let us know so we don’t worry.  If we need to cancel activities at the Studio, we will make that decision no later than two hours prior to the start time of class or camp.  We will post the news on our website home page and also contact you via email.  If we have to cancel a class, we will do our best to schedule a make-up class.

Q: How can I get Studio East programs to come to my school?

Contact the Education Outreach Manager, Vincent Orduna, for information on in-school and after school classes and workshops. Studio East Instructors will provide Outreach classes and workshops tailored to your class! You can email Vincent or you can call him at 425.820.1800 x106. Studio East’s After School ArtReach! program, a six-week musical production residency, currently provides performing arts experiences to 15 elementary and junior high schools each year.

Q: How can I bring my class to a Studio East or StoryBook Theater performance?

Bring your class to a Studio East Mainstage school matinee or a StoryBook Theater weekday performance by calling the Box Office Manager, Kate Young, at 425.820.1800 x102. Check out our website for current performance schedules.

Q: What kinds of Financial Aid or Work Study opportunities are available for Studio East programs?

We understand that not all families can afford full tuition for our programs. Studio East has a Scholarship Fund which allows us to give partial scholarships to a limited number of deserving students. Financial Aid forms are available on our website, via email and fax and in person at our office. If your family will require financial assistance to participate in our classes, please submit your completed Financial Aid Form to the front office as soon as possible.

Students age 12 and older may be able to earn Tuition Credits for Studio East programs by assisting classes and camps. Skilled teen dancers with an inclination to choreograph may also earn Tuition Credits as Intern Choreographers with our elementary school ArtReach! program. Contact Vincent Orduna, Education Outreach Manager, for more information, at 425.820.1800 x106.

Limited Tuition Credit opportunities are also available to parents who can offer administrative and transportation assistance during Summer Camps. Contact Vincent Orduna, for more information at 425.820.1800 x106.