Policies and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

+ When does the Studio announce quarterly theater classes?

Classes are posted on the website six weeks prior to the start of classes.

  • The Fall quarter class schedule will be posted on the website in August
  • Mini Winter is posted in”¯October
  • Winter is posted in December, and the
  • Spring quarter schedules are posted in”¯March.
  • Our Summer Camp schedule will be posted in February.

You can get advance e-mail notification by signing up for our eNews.

+ How does the Studio choose classes?

Classes vary from quarter to quarter based on the availability of instructors and student interest. If you have an idea for a class that we aren’t offering, contact the”¯Education Director“¯– if you have at least six students and we have the space and the instructor, you can create your own class!

+ What are Technique, Play Creation, and Performance classes?

Technique classes are focused on the process of building skills. Students may approach a different topic or theme each class, testing and applying skills in different ways. The final day of class usually involves a showcase where we welcome parents and families to experience the skills students have learned.

Play Creation classes are all about creativity and teamwork. Teaching artists guide students through creating characters, a story outline, and writing a script that will usually be presented for parents and families on the final day of class.

Performance classes are focused on creating a performance piece. Lines and/or songs are memorized, movements are polished, and each class builds on the work done the previous week. The final day of class includes a performance of the finished play, dance, or musical revue.

+ How will I know which class is right for my child?

You know your child best! If there’s a particular theme or aspect of a class description that excites them, then that’s the right class.

If your child is particularly shy, then perhaps starting with a Technique class will give them a chance to build some self-confidence without the pressure of a performance at the end.

If they are theatrical at home, then perhaps a Performance class is the right place to focus that energy.

If they really enjoyed working with a particular instructor, then perhaps engaging with that teacher again is a good idea.

There is no “right” pathway through Studio East classes. Each class will give your student new skills and experiences. Our team is always happy to talk through the specifics of each class to help you make the right choice.

+ Does Studio East ever make age exceptions for classes?

Very rarely, we do make exceptions to posted grade levels for classes, depending on the age range of the students enrolled in the class. Social maturity and skill level are important factors to consider when making the best choice for your child. Posted ranges are set to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved. All age exceptions must be approved through the”¯Education Director. Please e-mail prior to enrolling.

+ Can parents stay and watch class?

We limit parent observation to the first 10 minutes of the first class for the safety and comfort of all students as well as student learning outcomes. We so wish we had a better lobby space for parents to wait in during class. However, since we do not, we recommend going to a Kirkland business such as Starbucks, QFC, or the library during class.

+ Can my student who has a disability attend classes?

Please reach out to Education Director prior to the first day of class if there is anything specific your child needs to succeed in class. Studio East Instructors are eager and usually able to create ways for students of all abilities to succeed. Please write down all relevant medications, physical, emotional or behavioral information about your child at the time of registration. This information will make our instruction more effective and your child’s experience more rewarding. All staff and instructors follow the Studio’s Confidentiality Policy, so your privacy will be protected.

Please note that staff members cannot monitor or administer medications and that Studio East is unable to provide aides for individual student needs. If your student needs an aide at school, they will likely also need an aide for a Studio East class. Should your student require an aide in class, please contact the Education Director to discuss coordinating your own established assistance.

+ Additional questions?

We encourage families to reach out with all questions and concerns and value open communication.

Please call us at 425-820-1800 or Email Kaysy Ostrom, Education Director.

Education Policies

+ Payment policy

Full tuition is due at the time of registration unless a payment plan has been set up with the office.

Financial Aid is available for all Studio East programs. However, an application must be submitted and approved before registering. Apply for a scholarship here.

You must apply promo codes before payment. If you’d like to use credit on file for payment, e-mail [email protected] for a promo code.

We cannot grant, honor, or apply scholarships or credit after your payment has been processed.

+ Refund Policy
  • Class cancelled by Studio East:”¯Full refund.
  • Registration canceled 48 hours before class starts: Full cost of class less the $25 registration fee will be refunded, or full cost kept as credit on file.*
  • Registration canceled less than 48 hours before class starts OR after 1st class:We will hold the cost of one session of class plus the $25 registration fee.”¯ The remaining balance will be refunded or held as a credit on file.
  • Registration canceled after 2nd class:”¯ No refund or credit.
  • Switching between classes has no additional cost based on availability. You will be responsible for any remaining balance.
  • *Credit can be used to pay for tuition for any Studio East class, camp, or production and is valid for up to one year. Credit on file can only be used to pay for Studio East programs and cannot be refunded.
+ Financial Assistance

Studio East is proud to offer a Scholarship Fund to give partial scholarships for all of our programs to students who could not otherwise participate. Students must apply before class as scholarships cannot be issued as refunds. Apply for a scholarship here.

Turnaround for scholarships are usually 1-2 weeks and are evaluated by our scholarship committee. If you are worried about the class filling to capacity before your scholarship application is processed, please let us know and we will save a spot in class for your student. More questions on tuition or scholarships?Contact our Office Manager Amanda McGee.

+ Sickness & Attendance Policy

If your student will be missing class, please notify us in advance by replying to your most recent class e-mail or calling us at 425-820-1800. Illness and vacation are a part of life but please notify us so teachers can best plan ahead to run an effective class for every student.

If your student is not feeling well, we ask you to please keep them at home for the health and safety of our students and instructors. If you student is experiencing contagious symptoms that are not related to another condition (ie asthma, allergies) such as stuffy nose, sore throat, coughing, sneezing, fever etc., students should stay home even if they have tested negative for Covid-19. For specific covid protocols please visit our safety protocols page. If a teacher notices a student is not feeling well, they will call the student’s parent to come pick them up early.

+ Code of Conduct

We at Studio East value each and every individual. In order to create an environment where each student has the freedom to grow both as a performer and as an individual, Studio East maintains a zero-tolerance policy for the following:

    • Fighting with another student, staff, volunteer, or parent.
    • Destruction or theft of any property or materials.
    • Disrespect towards oneself or others.
    • Use of inappropriate language and/or innuendo.
    • Racial or sexual harassment (including inappropriate physical contact).

If a student breaks this code of conduct, their registration may be cancelled without refund or credit given. Thanks for working with us to create a safe and welcoming place for all our students.

Studio East is a 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation, registered with the Washington Secretary of State as a charitable organization. Federal tax ID #94-3213270. Your gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law; please consult with your tax professional.

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