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At Studio East, youth ages 4 through 19 are given the tools they need to succeed. Theater training builds confidence, responsibility, teamwork and leadership skills—talents students will take with them wherever they go!

This Fall we are excited to be offering both Virtual & In-Person programming. The safety of our students and families is our number one priority and we encourage you to take a look at our Zoom Safety Statement and Covid Response for more information about the precautions we are taking both online and at the Studio East space.

New this fall, registration is completely online! See the class schedule in the dropdown below. For more information about our classes including descriptions and registration, click the Register button.

+ Classes


Our Quarterly Theater Classes offer Fall, Winter, Mini-Winter and Spring sessions each year. Offerings include acting, dancing, and music classes with a variety of themes and focuses for preschool through high school students. Our dedicated Instructors provide high-quality theater education, whether you are looking at drama as part of your curriculum or as a creative outlet. Arts Education benefits include building self-esteem and confidence, interpersonal skills, creativity, responsibility, and so much more.

If you have an idea for a class that you do not see offered, contact the Education Director – if you have at least six students and we have the space and the Instructor, you can create your own class!

Age exceptions are only made by permission of the Education Director.

After School Classes

Performance1st-2ndBroadway Kids: Under the SeaONLINEMON9/28-11/164:00pm-5:30pm$235More Info
Play Creation1st-2ndMagic TreehouseSTUDIOWED9/30-11/44:30pm-6:00pm$180More Info
Performance1st-2ndBroadway Kids: Under the SeaSTUDIOTHURS10/1-11/55:00pm-6:30pm$180More Info
Performance3rd-5thBroadway Review: WickedSTUDIOMON9/28-11/25:00pm-6:30pm$180More Info
Technique3rd-5thActing 1: Actor's ToolboxONLINETUES9/29-11/174:30pm-6:00pm$235More Info
Performance3rd-5thBroadway Review: WickedONLINETHURS10/1-11/194:30pm-6:00pm$235More Info
Technique3rd-5thActing 1: Actor's ToolboxSTUDIOTHURS10/1-11/55:30pm-7:00pm$180More Info
Play Creation4th-8thCharacter Development & D&DONLINEMON9/28-11/165:00pm-6:30pm$235More Info
Technique6th-12thActing 2: Scripts and ScenesSTUDIOMON9/28-11/25:30pm-7:00pm$180More Info
Technique6th-12thMusical Theater DanceSTUDIOTUES9/29-11/35:00pm-6:30pm$180More Info
Technique6th-12thActing 2: Scripts and ScenesONLINEWED9/30-11/184:00pm-5:30pm$235More Info

Homeschool Classes

Play Creation4th-9thJukebox MusicalONLINE/STUDIOFRI10/2-11/2010:00am-12:00pm$250More Info
Performance5th-10thOne Act PlaySTUDIOMON9/28-11/212:30pm-2:30pm$190More Info
Performance3rd-5thRadio PlayONLINE/STUDIOMON9/28-11/212:30pm-2:00pm$250More Info
Play Creation1st-2ndPlay CreationSTUDIOMON9/28-11/212:30pm-2:00pm$190More Info

Saturday Classes

Technique3rd-5thActing 1: Actor's ToolboxONLINESAT10/17-11/2111:30am-1:00pm$180More Info
Technique6th-12thActing 2: Scripts and ScenesONLINESAT10/17-11/219:30am-11:00am$180More Info
Performance1st-2ndBroadway Kids: Under the SeaONLINESAT10/17-11/219:30am-11:00am$180More Info
Technique3rd-5thVocaleaseONLINESAT10/17-11/219:30am-11:00am$180More Info

+ Workshops


Workshops at Studio East are a great way to learn new skills in one day!

Audition Workshops

Studio East offers Audition Workshops throughout the school year to prepare young performers for show auditions. Get prepared to take the stage!

Timing is everything! Workshops that have not met their minimum enrollment will be cancelled. Enroll early!

7-19Audition 101- Video AuditionSAT10/312:30pm-2:30pmKaysy OstromPerfect for first time auditioners, students will learn all about the audition process with a focus on video auditions including what a director is looking for and how to select a monologue and song in this workshop. You will leave this workshop with all of the materials and knowledge for your next audition.
$45More Info

What Parents Are Saying

“Our experience has been practically perfect – we are so happy our children have found our second home at Studio East!”

“Easy location, fantastic teachers, homeschool daytime classes at super affordable prices. LOVE!”

“The Instructor had high expectations of the students, creating a classroom where growth, both as an actor and as a human being, can and do occur.”