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2020-21 Auditions

Information About Our Auditions

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It’s ‘Twas the Night… Reimagined! This year’s ‘Twas may look different, but it still has all the same heart and holiday cheer that we know and love. This production will be filmed and presented online where you can sing along from the comfort of your own home. Actors will be socially distanced onstage and wearing masks. All in-person rehearsals and filming will be within small groups and we will use video magic to bring it all together. All full cast and larger rehearsals will take place on zoom.

Co-Directed by Lani Brockman & Zach Barr | Musically Directed by Sophie Price | Choreographed by Megan Connell | Stage Managed by Jessica Stansfield

Casting: This is a single cast for 28 actors, ages 7- 19

  • Ages 7- 9: Toys. This is a great first experience for being in a Mainstage production.
  • Ages 9- 19: Elves, Reindeer, Carolers, Johnny, Sally, Mice, Sandy, Dee, Puppy
  • If you have been in ‘Twas before you may email about how to go straight to callbacks.
  • If you were a toy previously and now auditioning for a larger role you must audition.

Audition Information: All auditions are done via video submission; callbacks will be done via zoom and video submission.

Audition video submission due by Monday, October 5 at 5:00pm

  • PREPARE: A contemporary monologue and musical theater song, not to exceed two minutes in total length.
  • WHAT TO SUBMIT: Online Audition Form: in that form you will submit an informal Headshot Photo, Resume, and Audition video via an unlisted youtube link
    • Begin by stating your name and age. Speak clearly and project. You may choose to do either your monologue or song first.
    • Sing to a recorded track or accompaniment. (One minute). If that is not possible, we will take it a cappella, but not preferred.
    • One-minute monologue
  • We highly encourage you to submit your audition sooner than the deadline.
  • ONLINE AUDITION FORM Fill out our online audition form. On this form you will upload your resume (if available), photo, and a link to your audition video(s). Please only submit once. Make sure all your video is complete before starting the form.
    • Go to
    • In the top right corner, click create, then upload video
    • Select the file you would like to upload
    • Title the video- ex. Jessica Annie audition video
    • Click next, skip step 2, and go to step 3 (visibility). Select unlisted
    • Copy the link and put it into your audition form
    • Now only those who click on the link will be able to see it.
    • Please leave the video up until casting is complete.

Callbacks (Saturday, October 10) will be done via a combination of video submissions and zoom meetings dependent on the callback:

                Acting callbacks- done via zoom Saturday, Oct 10 from 5pm- 7pm

                Singing callbacks- done via video submission, submitted by Saturday, Oct 10

                Dance callbacks- done via video submission, submitted by Saturday, Oct 10

The audition video may serve as the only audition for some actors. Not everyone cast will be brought to callbacks. If we need to see more from you, you will be contacted about additional material to prepare.

All callback and casting notifications will be sent via email.

If you have questions please contact Jessica Stansfield, Production Manager, at


Rehearsals take place at Studio East and online on Zoom.

  • All full cast rehearsals will be done via Zoom.
  • In-person rehearsals and filming will take place in small groups only at Studio East.
  • All in-person rehearsals will follow state guidelines including mandatory masks, social distancing, and health screenings. You may read more about our onsite procedures here.
  • This production will adjust to entirely online if state guidelines or mandates change. Hours may be adjusted.

ONLINE ONLY PARTICIPATION: We are exploring the option of adding an online-only option to participate in this production. If you are interested in participating in the production, but not comfortable with an in-person experience please still go through the audition process and select that you are only able to participate in an online-only option on your audition form. After receiving all the audition submissions, we will be able to make a decision if an online-only option is possible.

All casting notifications will be made by October 16.   

Parent/Cast Meeting: Monday, October 19, 6:00pm via ZOOM

Rehearsals: Mondays- Thursdays, October 19 – November 12, 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Saturday, November 14, 1:30pm- 5:30pm, Monday – Thursday, November 16- 19, 6:00pm – 9:30pm

Tech*: Saturday, November 21, 12pm- 8pm

Filming*: Sunday- Wednesday, November 22- 25, 5:30pm- 9:30pm

*We will be teching and filming the show in small groups so you will not be present the entire time. We won’t know that schedule until we get closer, so please leave the full time open.

Conflicts: No conflicts November 16- 25. All conflicts should be given at the time of auditions. Additional rehearsal conflicts added after casting may not be accepted.

Weekly rehearsal schedules and updates will be sent out through email to all cast members and their families.

The final production will be filmed and presented online.

Tuition Policy:

Tuition: $595

Due to increased costs and restrictions associated with COVID-19 we’ve had to raise the tuition price for this production. We encourage anyone who needs tuition assistance to apply.

Tuition Assistance: If you need financial assistance, please submit an application to our main office before callbacks on October 10 Due to processing time we are unable to consider tuition assistance if you wait until the parent meeting to apply. Applying for tuition assistance does not impact casting decisions.

Withdrawal from Production: There are no refunds.

  • Withdrawals before 10/26/2020: Tuition paid, less a $100 recasting fee, will be held as a tuition credit and may be used for another Studio East production, class, or camp. You must use this credit by 10/19/21. Unused credits after this date will expire.
  • Withdrawals on or after 10/26/2020: There is no credit or refund.

Full Season Audition Dates

+ Audition Dates

The Laramie Project

ages 13-19

Auditions end of November

Production Dates: December- early February


James and Giant Peach

ages 10-19

Auditions mid-January

Production Dates: February- early April


Wizard of Oz

ages 8-19

Auditions mid-March

Production Dates: April- June

Information About Our Auditions

+ Audition Information

Auditions for Mainstage Productions

Each season the Studio produces 6 to 9 shows involving hundreds of youth and playing to thousands of audience members. Production experience is a great way to develop teamwork, responsibility and confidence. It demands that you focus, listen, follow directions and take risks – all while having a lot of fun!

Each production is open to students of a particular age range with opportunities through the year for young actors. Every show is different! Please check the audition information posted above to see if your young actor is eligible.

Auditions are mandatory for each production and are held a few weeks before rehearsals begin. Each show rehearses for 5 – 7 weeks prior to performances. Call the office to make an appointment a few weeks in advance.

Students auditioning for a musical should prepare a contemporary monologue and song, not to exceed 2 minutes total. Both should be memorized and well-rehearsed. Auditions for a non-musical production require a monologue, not to exceed 1 1/2 minutes.

Audition Workshops

Auditions can be intimidating if you’ve never done them before. Please consider enrolling in our audition workshops if you would like some guidance. Workshops are offered quarterly and are an inexpensive way to break through that wall of fear! You can also check out our Audition Tips and Resources (at the bottom of this page) for valuable information.

Auditions for Intensive Training

Serious theater students ages 10 to 19 may audition for Studio East’s Foundations and Intensive training programs during the school year and in the summer. Studio Foundations & Studio Intensive offer 9 months of training from September to June. Learn more and to sign up for an audition visit. Learn more about our 6 week summer program, Young Actors Professional Intensive.

Scholarships Available

Studio East has a Scholarship Fund to offer partial scholarships for all of our programs to students who could not otherwise participate. Download our Financial Aid Form.

+ How To Audition (FAQs)

How to audition for video submission auditions

What should I do when filming an audition piece?

Treat it as you would an in-person audition. Make sure you still slate your name, and monologue or song name. Read any instructions on the audition page if there are specifics about how they would like you to film.

Should I film more than once?

Yes, this is your opportunity to give us your best take. However, please don’t edit within your audition piece.

Do you have any other video audition tips?

Find a quiet place to film make sure it is free of background noise.

How To Audition for in-person auditions

Q: I’ve never auditioned before. Where do I start?

We offer audition workshops throughout the year that teach you the basics about auditioning. Select from Audition Monologue, Musical Audition, or Callback Audition workshops, or take all three for a well-rounded look at the full audition process.  Call our office if you have any questions!

Q: How do I know when auditions will be held?

Audition information will be posted on our website well before the audition dates.

Q: How do I sign up for an audition?

Just call the Studio East main office at 425.820.1800 and we will schedule an audition time for you. The office can also answer any questions you have about auditioning.

Q: What do I need to prepare?

For a non-musical, prepare a memorized monologue, not to exceed a minute and a half. For a musical, prepare a memorized song and a contrasting monologue, not to exceed two minutes total. Check the audition listing for any other specific requirements, such as a Shakespeare or classical monologue. Be expressive, confident, and positive!

Q: What do I need to bring?

Sheet music for your song, a resume listing your performing experience and performing arts training, a recent, disposable photo, and the audition form which can be downloaded from the audition page for that show. The photo can be a school picture and it should not be precious – you will not get it back.

Q: How do I find a good monologue?

For younger students, any piece of text that tells a story is appropriate. You can find these in monologue books at the library, on websites, or take a passage from your favorite novel. For older students (12 and up) you can find monologues from plays appropriate to your age, again in books at the library, on websites, or from plays with young characters (Anne of Green Gables, Annie, Oliver, A Little Princess, Alice in Wonderland, etc.).  You can come to the Studio East office and ask to look through our “Young Actor Audition Book” for ideas. Please come by 4:00 to allow enough time to peruse the materials. We charge $.50 per monologue copy.  Come to our quarterly Audition Monologue Workshops for examples and more details!

Q: How do I choose a song and find sheet music?

This can be tricky, so it’s best to find a musical person to help you. You should choose a song that you enjoy, that fits your vocal range, and that is of a similar style to the show you’re auditioning for. It’s best not to use songs from the show you are auditioning for.  Make sure you bring sheet music with the piano part as well as the vocal part, in your key. You can use YouTube to see other performers sing the songs you’re interested in. You can come to the Studio East office and ask to look through our “Young Actor Audition Book” for songs from summer camps you might have performed in. Please come by 4:00 to allow enough time to peruse the materials. We charge $1.00 per song copy. You can often find scores or song books at the library or sheet music on websites. You can also find songbooks to purchase online that come with accompaniment CDs that are very helpful. Come to our quarterly Musical Audition Workshops for examples and more details!

Q: Can I sing a song that was written for someone of the opposite gender to sing?

If you can sing the song well AND ACT it well, go for it!  The basic guidelines are to choose a song that is appropriate to your voice and the show you are auditioning for. What style of song does the character you are most likely to be considered for sing? If it is a sweet ballad, choose that kind of song for your audition. If that character needs a strong belt range, use a similar song in your audition. Your goal is to be called back and have the chance to sing and read from the script!

Q: Can I sing my song a cappella (without piano)?

We would prefer you have sheet music in the correct key for your song. If you cannot get sheet music, tell the Directing Team you’d like to sing a cappella. The Musical Director may ask you to sing “Happy Birthday” or some other simple song with piano accompaniment after you sing your prepared song.

Q: Are there any songs I definitely shouldn’t bring to an audition?

Songs with very difficult piano parts (Jason Robert Brown, some Sondheim, etc.) are a no-no at auditions.  Songs that are very popular and too difficult for you to sing well are also not a good idea (Defying Gravity, I’m Alive, etc.).  And as stated before, don’t bring a song to your audition that is from the show you are auditioning for. The Directors will decide which roles they might see you in and invite you to sing those songs at callbacks.

Q: What happens after the audition?

You’ll receive a phone call letting you know if you’ve been “called back”. (For some productions, you may be invited to callbacks at your audition.) Callbacks are the second round of auditions, when you’ll read scenes and/or sing songs and/or learn a dance from the show. To help you prepare, come to our quarterly Callback Workshops for practice reading scenes and more details! After callbacks, you’ll receive a call letting you know whether or not you’ve been cast.

Q: How do the Directors make casting decisions?

The Directors come into auditions looking for actors to fit the specific characters in the show. Each Director has a unique perspective and vision of what the characters are like, but they are all looking for confidence and expressive performance. Acting, singing and dancing skills are all considered when assessing which roles a student could fill. The callbacks give the Directing Team a chance to test their initial thoughts, and challenge students to bring their best efforts to a role. They are often surprised! Overall, the Directors want to put together the best possible cast to make the show successful.

Q: How can I get feedback on my audition?

Studio East staff will always be happy to give you feedback from the Directing team. Call and ask to speak with Lani Brockman for details.

Sign up for our Audition Workshop series for more information!

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