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Partners at Studio East

Studio East would like to give a standing ovation to the following corporations, foundations, and individuals for their commitment and belief that the arts have value for our society and can make a difference in the lives of our young people. Their generosity provides necessary funding to ensure Studio East is able to continue to create opportunities for young people to discover and explore the performing arts. Learn more about partnership opportunities with Studio East.

Thank You to Our Generous Partners:

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Partner with Studio East

Studio East believes that children who practice the discipline and dedication required by the craft of theater are developing confidence, responsibility, creativity and compassion – life skills which will be valuable assets to them throughout their lives, no matter what career they choose to pursue.

Business partnerships are a vital part of the success of Studio East’s mission and philosophy. Corporate support, such as community partnerships, foundation grants, employee matching gifts and in-kind donations allow Studio East to continue providing access to performing art training and live theater to everyone in our community.

Partnership opportunities include annual, event, and show performance support as well as support for education and outreach programs.

Please contact Dana Fialdini at [email protected] to learn more about partnership opportunities with Studio East.