1st – 2nd Grade Summer Camps

1st - 2nd Grade Summer Programs

TaleSpinners (Grades 1 - 2)

Step into the imaginative realm of TaleSpinners, where campers collaborate to weave an original play from their vibrant imaginations. Here, young storytellers create their characters, select costumes, craft props, and design set pieces, culminating in a spectacular performance on the final day. Each week ushers in a fresh theme, accompanied by a variety of engaging activities that promise to enliven the imagination and enthusiasm of our aspiring young artists. Join us for a journey of creative collaboration and theatrical wonder!

Tuition Assistance & Scholarships are available for families in need. Apply for a scholarship here.

TaleSpinners (Grades 1st-2nd)

Grade refers to a student’s placement in Fall 2024.

Magic Treehouse7/29-8/2Mon-Fri9:15am-2:15pmYESSt. John'sGrades 1-2TaleSpinners What do you think we’ll discover in the Magic Treehouse this week? Maybe we’ll travel back to the Cretaceous period to meet the dinosaurs. Or to the Middle Ages to explore King Arthur’s castle. Or take a trip on the Titanic. Whenever or wherever we go will be a magical expedition through our imaginations!Register now!
Once Upon a Time8/26-8/30Mon-Fri9:15am-2:15pmYESStudio EastGrades 1-2TaleSpinnersAdrian Cerrato &
Hana Oh
Anything can happen in a fairytale, but this time we make the rules! Maybe our princesses do the rescuing or our dragons horde candy bars instead of gold. We’ll create a magical story using our own wacky imaginations that will begin with that iconic opening line “Once upon a Time”!Register now!
Colorful icon of a space cadet with a shooting star in backgroundOut of this World7/22-7/26Mon-Fri9:15am-2:15pmYESSt. John'sGrades 1-2TaleSpinnersAbby TincherCalling all space rangers, Jedi warriors, aliens, baby Yodas, Groots and more! Together we’ll create an intergalactic story that takes place in the stars or on other worlds in galaxies far, far away.Register now!
School of Magic7/8-7/12Mon-Fri9:15am-2:15pmYESSt. John'sGrades 1-2TaleSpinnersAbby TincherAre you a new wizard excited to learn how to use your wand? Perhaps you’re a magical creature finally spreading your wings. We’ll create our own magical story together and set it in a magical school for witches and wizards.Register now!
Songs of Broadway (3-Day)7/1-7/3Mon-Wed9:15am-2:15pmYESSt. John'sGrades 1-2TaleSpinnersDavid Dryfoos
Danielle Osterman
This week is only 3 days, so instead of putting on a play, we’ll be putting on a Broadway concert! Campers will work with their teachers to choose a few songs from classic Broadway shows such as Lion King, Annie, or Mary Poppins. Then they’ll learn singing, acting, and dancing skills as they rehearse their concert for a performance on the final day of camp.Register now!
Trolls & Minions7/15-7/19Mon-Fri9:15am-2:15pmYESSt. John'sGrades 1-2TaleSpinnersJoey SponsellerAre you a music-loving troll that will unite the world through song? Or are you a minion that causes chaos and mayhem? We’ll write and act out an original story starring these superstars and mini menaces as they meet for the first time. Who knows what will happen!Register now!
Unicorns, Dragons & Mermaids6/24-6/28Mon-Fri9:15am-2:15pmYESSt. John'sGrades 1-2TaleSpinnersAbby Tincher
Danielle Osterman
Mystical creatures come to life in this week-long drama camp. We’ll explore dragon stories, make unicorn horns, go under the sea together and create our own story full of mystery, magic, and mythology.Register now!
Unicorns, Dragons & Mermaids8/5-8/9Mon-Fri9:15am-2:15pmYESSt. John'sGrades 1-2TaleSpinnersAbby TincherMystical creatures come to life in this week-long drama camp. We’ll explore dragon stories, make unicorn horns, go under the sea together and create our own story full of mystery, magic, and mythology.Register now!
Ways to Be Wicked8/12-8/16Mon-Fri9:15am-2:15pmYESSt. John'sGrades 1-2TaleSpinnersJoey Sponseller
Danielle Osterman
As they say in Disney’s Descendants, “There are so many ways to be wicked!” In this one-week drama camp, we’ll explore villainy. So prepare your biggest evil laugh as you choose your favorite dastardly doer, create your own, or be the hero that saves the day. The choice is yours as we create our own wicked story.Register now!
Colorful icon of a dragonWings of Fire8/19-8/23Mon-Fri9:15am-2:15pmYESSt. John'sGrades 1-2TaleSpinnersAbby TincherSpread your wings and prepare your fiery breath because this week is all about dragons. We’ll use the popular series “Wings of Fire” as inspiration, but no book knowledge is necessary to have fun at camp. All dragons are welcome as we create a story together that is sure to be an epic adventure.Register now!

TaleSpinners (Grades 1st-2nd)

Grade refers to a student’s placement in Fall 2024.

Create your own story and bring it to life on stage!TaleSpinnerscampers work together to write an original play, create their characters, choose costumes, make props and set pieces, and perform their dazzling creation on the final day. Each week focuses on a different theme and different activities to excite the young camper’s spirit and imagination.

Extended Care until 5:30pm is available for ALL TaleSpinners camps for an additional cost.

To register and for pricing options, please answer YES to “Would you like to add Extended Care?” during the registration process.

Extended care has flexible pick-up (so you can pick-up anytime between camp end and 5:30pm). Extended care is not an extension of camp themed activities, but we have theater games, board games, books, movies, crafts, and a playground available for students to have fun after camp hours.

  • Daily Activities
    • Ensemble building and play creation activities based on theme
    • Acting games, creating props, drawing backdrops, and script writing
    • Practicing stage and storytelling skills

    Skills Developed

    • Building theatrical skills: character creation, ensemble, improvisation, and performance
    • Life skills: listening, following directions, teamwork, and risk taking
    • Emerging literacy skills through storytelling and script writing
    • Strengthen gross motor skills through movement
    • Body language, gesture, facial and vocal expression
  • Studio East Training for the Performing Arts is committed to ACCESS to ALL and we never want financial hardship to prevent a child from experiencing the transformative power of the performing arts.
    Tuition assistance scholarships are currently available for ALL AGES (4-19) for ALL Studio programs for those needing financial assistance to participate. (As long as assistance funds are available)
    To apply; fill out our simple application form here.
  • Contact Information

    For summer questions and queries, please e-mail [email protected]

    Studio East encourages open communication between Instructors and families. Please feel free to reach the Instructors by leaving a message with Studio East Education Director Kaysy Ostrom at 425.820.1800 ext. 108.

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