1st – 2nd Grade Summer Camps

1st - 2nd Grade Summer Programs


Have a blast this summer, make new friends and learn all about theater in Studio East camps for 1st and 2nd graders. We’ll spend the week creating your own story and bringing it to life on stage! With online and in-person options available, we’re sure to have some summer fun.

Tuition Assistance is available for families in need. Please contact the main office before registering for additional information.

Grade refers to a student’s placement in Fall 2021.

View full camp descriptions, daily schedule, and skills developed in TaleSpinners HERE.

Extended Care until 5:30pm is available for select TaleSpinners camps for an additional $150 per week. To register for Extended Care please answer YES to “Would you like to add Extended Care?” during the registration process.

Extended Care is available for the following TaleSpinners Camps:

  • July 26-30 Heroes & Villains
  • August 23-27 Pirates & Mermaids
Gr 1-2Heroes & VillainsMon-Fri9:15am-2:15pm7/26-7/30It’s a bird! NO! It’s a plane! NO! It’s Heroes & Villains! This week you’ll create your own hero or villain - design the costume, choose superpowers, and make up a story to share. Will good triumph over evil? Register now and stay tuned!YESNUUBrad Walker
Margie Slovan
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Gr 1-2Magic TreehouseMon-Fri9:15am-2:15pm8/2-8/6What do you think we’ll discover in the Magic Treehouse this week? Maybe we’ll travel back to the Cretaceous period to meet the dinosaurs. Or to the Middle Ages to explore King Arthur’s castle. Or to Plymouth to share the first Thanksgiving. Whenever or wherever we go will be a magical expedition through our imaginations!NONUUBrad Walker
Candace James
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Gr 1-2Unicorns & DragonsMon-Fri9:15am-2:15pm8/9-8/13Mystical creatures come to life in this week-long drama camp. We’ll explore dragon stories, make unicorn horns, and create our own story full of mystery, magic, and mythology.NONUUKay Onorati
Margie Slovan
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Gr 1-2Phineas & FerbMon-Fri9:15am-2:15pm8/16-8/20I know what we’re gonna do today! We’re gonna make a play! There’s 104 days of summer vacation and with a little help from Phineas, Ferb, Candace, and Perry the Platypus we’ll keep busy for at least 5 of them!NONUUBrad Walker
Candace Dahne
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Gr 1-2Pirates & MermaidsMon-Fri9:15am-2:15pm8/23-8/27An adventure at sea awaits! Imagine being a mermaid and swimming with dolphins? Or a pirate sailing the seas, searching for buried treasure, Arrrgghhhh! Find your sea legs in this week of imaginative fun.YESNUUBrad Walker
Aimee Hong
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