1st – 2nd Grade Summer Camps

1st - 2nd Grade Summer Programs

TaleSpinners (Grades 1-2)

Create your own story and bring it to life on stage in Studio East camps for 1st and 2nd graders! TaleSpinners campers work together to write an original play, create their characters, choose costumes, make props and set pieces, and perform their dazzling creation on the final day. Each week focuses on a different theme and different activities to excite the young camper’s spirit and imagination.

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Grade refers to a student’s placement in Fall 2023.

View full camp descriptions, daily activities, and skills developed in TaleSpinners HERE.

Unicorns, Dragons & MermaidsGr 1-2TaleSpinnersMon-Fri9:15am-2:15pm**THIS CAMP IS FULL.**
Mystical creatures come to life in this week-long drama camp. We’ll explore dragon stories, make unicorn horns, go under the sea together and create our own story full of mystery, magic, and mythology.
YESNUUAbby Tincher
Joey Sponseller
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08/28-09/01Once Upon a TimeGr 1-2TaleSpinnersMon-Fri9:15am-2:15pmAnything can happen in a fairytale, but this time we make the rules! Maybe our princesses do the rescuing or our dragons horde candy bars instead of gold. We’ll create a magical story using our own wacky imaginations that will begin with that iconic opening line “Once Upon a Time”!YESNUUAbby Tincher
Kat King
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07/10-07/14Catch 'em AllGr 1-2TaleSpinnersMon-Fri9:15am-2:15pm**THIS CAMP IS FULL.**
Grab your Poké Ball and join us to collect, train, and battle Pokémon. Will we find a Pikachu? An Eevee? A Jigglypuff? A Squirtle? Maybe all 4 and more! We’ll work together to create a story full of Pokémon to share with friends and family.
YESNUUBrad Walker
Julia Hilmo
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08/21-08/25Video Games AliveGr 1-2TaleSpinnersMon-Fri9:15am-2:15pm**THIS CAMP IS FULL.**
What would happen if Mario jumped out of your video game into the real world? What if Link and Zelda were there too? Or the Ender Dragon from Minecraft? We’ll create an original story where our favorite video game characters come to life!
YESNUUDorothy Rosenthal
Emily Beckley
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6/26-06/30Heroes & VillainsGr 1-2TaleSpinnersMon-Fri9:15am-2:15pmIt’s a bird! NO! It’s a plane! NO! It’s Heroes & Villains! This week you’ll create your own hero or villain - design the costume, choose superpowers, and make up a story to share. Will good triumph over evil? Register now and stay tuned!YESNUUJoey Sponseller
Megan Connell
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07/24-07/28Magic of EncantoGr 1-2TaleSpinnersMon-Fri9:15am-2:15pm**THIS CAMP IS FULL.**
Welcome to the family Madrigal! We’ll create our own family inspired by the magic of Encanto. Will your door give you super strength? Shape-shifting powers? Sky's the limit in this camp where we will use our imaginations and acting skills to create our very own original play. Maybe this week will even be a…musical?
YESNUUIsaac Levin-Delson
Abby Tincher
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07/31-08/04Magic TreehouseGr 1-2TaleSpinnersMon-Fri9:15am-2:15pm**THIS CAMP IS FULL.**
What do you think we’ll discover in the Magic Treehouse this week? Maybe we’ll travel back to the Cretaceous period to meet the dinosaurs. Or to the Middle Ages to explore King Arthur’s castle. Or take a trip on the Titanic. Whenever or wherever we go will be a magical expedition through our imaginations!
YESNUUJoey Sponseller
Marina Clever
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08/07-08/11Swords & SorceryGr 1-2TaleSpinnersMon-Fri9:15am-2:15pm**THIS CAMP IS FULL.**
Journey to a world where knights, wizards, princesses, and dragons rule the land. We’ll create our very own story that’s sure to include sword fights and magical battles. Who will rule the land at the end of the day?
YESNUUJulia Hilmo
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07/17-07/21School of MagicGr 1-2TaleSpinnersMon-Fri9:15am-2:15pm**THIS CAMP IS FULL.**
Are you a new wizard excited to learn how to use your wand? Perhaps you’re a magical creature finally spreading your wings. We’ll create our own magical story together and set it in a magical school for witches and wizards.
YESNUUDonny Gersonde
Joey SPonseller
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Extended Care until 5:30pm is available for ALL Little Players camps for an additional cost. To register and for pricing options,  please answer YES to “Would you like to add Extended Care?” during the registration process.

Extended care has flexible pick-up (so you can pick-up anytime between camp end and 5:30pm). Extended care is not an extension of camp themed activities, but we have theater games, board games, books, movies, crafts, and a playground available for students to have fun after camp hours.