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Classes & Workshops

Studio East offers a wide variety of drama classes for kids in preschool through high school in daytime, after school and evening hours in Kirkland.

After School Classes

Our Quarterly Theater Class program offers Fall, Winter and Spring sessions, each 8 weeks in length, and a 5-week Mini-Session between Fall and Winter. We offer acting, dancing, and singing classes for preschool through high school students. READ MORE

The Studio Intensive

For serious theater students, this school-year training program is for teens who want to study in depth the art and craft of theater.  The Intensive requires a commitment to 33 weeks of classes on Saturday or Sunday mornings.  READ MORE

Homeschool Classes

The Studio East Homeschool Drama program offers affordable, engaging theater classes for students in preschool through high school in the performing arts. Our dedicated Instructors provide high-quality theater education, whether you are looking at drama as part of your curriculum or as a creative outlet. READ MORE


Workshops are a great way to build skills and try out different techniques before committing to an 8-week class. Explore a new theater art for 2 or 3 hours and see if you want to learn more. READ MORE

School Break Camps

Studio East offers theater camps in our eastside facility during several school break weeks each year. Because dates vary between school districts, look at your calendar carefully when registering for Break Camps. Themes and formats change from camp to camp, but it’s always a blast! READ MORE


Forms and Registration Instructions

Download Emergency/Medical and Financial Aid forms below:

Student Emergency and Medical Form

Financial Aid Form

Download Registration forms below:

Break Camp Reg Form

Homeschool Class Reg Form

After School Class Reg Form

Summer Camp Reg Form

Registration Instructions:

You can submit these to us via email (, fax (425-820-6622), mail or in person. Since email is not secure for transmitting credit card information, we encourage you to give us those details over the phone or in person.  Please note that a submitted form does not guarantee your registration: we will contact you within 3 business days by email or phone to confirm your registration.  We will contact you again when the class is officially a “go,” at which point payment will be charged/deposited.  Please feel free to call the office with any questions or concerns you might have about our programs and Instructors.  We look forward to speaking with you!

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