Slider of bluish-pink "sky" background with a tree in the foreground. It features green foliage in a cartoonish style and a love note tacked to the front. Text reads, "William Shakespeare's As You Like It."

Don’t Miss As You Like It, Live in Local Parks throughout King County

Directed by Julie Grant

Love reigns supreme, and laughter echoes through the Forest of Arden…

The Bard loves to begin his tales in the order of a refined court, before whisking us off in a grand pastoral shift to the mysticism of an enchanted forest. As You Like It is no exception as Orlando and Rosalind’s fates intertwine across these juxtaposed settings.

Banished from court, the two embark on a whimsical journey of disguise, mistaken identity, and playful courtship. As Orlando’s poetic declarations adorn the forest’s trees, Rosalind, cleverly disguised as Ganymede, engages in a charming courtship with him. When identities are revealed, joyful weddings abound, all in a world of mirth and merriment.

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The "As You Like It" poster features a whimsical tree with a love note on its trunk, in front of a blue-and-pink background.