Outreach at Studio East

Studio East has provided high-quality theater classes, workshops, and productions to local schools since 1992. Give your students a safe environment to learn: Confidence, Self-esteem, Team-building, Responsibility, Time Management, Literacy, Public Speaking, Perseverance, and 21st Century Skills!

Our Outreach Programs

After School Enrichment

After School enrichment classes give children the opportunity to explore theater, when it may not be provided in school. Our classes typically run 8-10 weeks in length, but can be customized to fit your particular after school needs. Classes are designed to run between 1–2 hours in length, immediately following the school day on your campus. Classes culminate in a final showcase for friends and family.

Popular classes include

Acting 101
Learn to act! We’ll explore character creation through improvisation, theater games, and scenes work. We will build an encouraging environment in which to play!

Broadway Kids
A musical theater extravaganza! Students will learn a song, add movement, and create a scene to go with it. This class will focus on building creativity through vocal and physical exploration of music.

Wacky One Act
Starting from scratch, we’ll use our imaginations to create a spectacular story – anything goes! Then we’ll put our story on stage, creating wacky new characters and the set and costumes to bring them to life. We’ll work together to become writers, directors, actors, and designers.

Drama Medley
A perfect theater sampler for those who want to taste it all! Every week we will explore a different subject such as Improvisation, Physical Comedy, and Stage Combat. We will also learn basic acting technique, and show off our favorite scenes and games at the end of the session. A great place for young actors to have a ton of fun!

Other fun classes include
• Improvisation
• Stage Combat
• Scene Study
• Shakespeare
• Story Drama
• And many more!

Have a program idea? We are happy to work with you to develop a customized program for your school.

Interested in bringing a program to your school? Contact Education Outreach Coordinator, Kaysy Ostrom, for more details.

7th - 12th Grade Summer Program

In-School Residencies

Enhance your school’s curriculum through a hands-on interactive class. We offer a wide variety of school day programs from one-day workshops to year-long residencies. Lessons are customized to enrich subjects taught in your classroom; fulfilling learning standards while teaching students life skills.

Dive into a story! Through storytelling and creative drama students will learn story structure, identify story themes, and understand the role characters play. Check out our nationally recognized literacy program, Neighborhood Bridges!

A fun interactive program paired with your English class. Over 10 weeks students will learn what it takes to develop a story, ending the class with their own short play.

Public Speaking
Confidently address the whole class and future boardrooms! Through games and exercises you will gain public speaking skills focusing on breath and voice techniques, body language, and audience engagement.

Shakespeare as the Bard intended! Bring Shakespeare’s plays to life and learn how to speak and understand the language through exercises on iambic pentameter, rhythm, and modern day translations.

Theater Skills
Enhance your school’s existing drama program with specialized workshops in Stage Combat, Improvisation, or many other skills based classes.

Interested in bringing a program to your school? Contact our Education Outreach Coordinator, Kaysy Ostrom, for more details.

Partners at Studio East


Studio East ArtReach is a six-week after school residency in which up to 50 students put on a musical production produced by your PTSA. Our ArtReach program is designed to give local schools the opportunity to successfully produce their own drama program. ArtReach programs are available for Elementary (Grades 4 and up) and Middle Schools.

We give you the tools necessary to produce your own musical!

Studio East provides:
• The script and concept
• The directing team
• Set, props, and costumes
• A coordinator to advise you along the way!

What is gained by having the ArtReach program in your school?
There are countless benefits of bringing arts to your school. You are introducing theatre to students and families who may have never had the opportunity to see it before. Students learn and expand skills that will help them in every facet of their lives. Most importantly through both student and parent participation a community is born.

Students Learn
• Confidence and Self-esteem
• Team-building
• Time Management
• Responsibility
• Literacy and Public Speaking
• Perseverance
• Plus the opportunity to develop 21st century skills in a fun environment!

Interested in bringing ArtReach to your school? Contact our ArtReach Coordinator, Vincent Orduna, for more details.

ArtReach! Parent Comments

“Studio East ArtReach has allowed all of my children to participate in something they love. If it weren’t for this program that comes to our schools they would not be able to be so involved in theater. It has made a huge impact on their goals for the future and keeps them involved in a very positive way with other students at their schools.”

“I was so thankful that my student had a place where she was completely enthralled and excited and involved. This child is very hard to please, so this was a real gift.”

“We had a student who had sometimes had difficulty engaging in their class and with other students at the school. We reached out to her to join the production and the results were nothing short of extraordinary. Her teachers felt that she was a more outgoing, engaging and happy individual – it brought out a wonderful side of her that they had never seen before. Ignoring all of the other benefits to all of the other students – having Studio East at our school was worth it just for that one student.”

“Watching the confidence in these students build over the weeks is pretty great. And the sense of accomplishment they all had when it was over was special. They really felt like they were an important part of something bigger than them.” “Our daughter really had to push herself in every way, and she grew up during these 6 weeks…truly remarkable experience for a 4th grader.”

“My son’s self esteem has increased significantly by participating in this program. He did not want it to end and had no issues with staying late to practice. He was happy to get to know more of his fellow students which he would not have had the opportunity just by attending school.”

The History of Studio East

Neighborhood Bridges

• Now accepting classrooms for the upcoming school year!
• A select number of classrooms are eligible to receive this program at a discounted rate. Contact our Education Outreach Coordinator, Kaysy Ostrom for more details.

About the program:

Neighborhood Bridges is a nationally recognized literacy program using storytelling, creative writing, and creative drama to help children develop their critical literacy skills and to transform them into storytellers of their own lives. Students in the Neighborhood Bridges Program understand the power of narrative by becoming examiners not only of text but of the world around them. As they identify assumptions, values and power in stories, Bridges students ask questions and transform narratives.

Neighborhood Bridges is designed to animate learning and transform classrooms into communities where students think independently and work collectively. The program addresses state and national language arts standards. In participating classrooms the classroom teacher collaborates with a Studio East teaching artist to provide 10 weekly 2-hour Neighborhood Bridges sessions. Neighborhood Bridges is available for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classrooms.

Founded in 1997, Neighborhood Bridges is a nationally recognized literacy program developed by Children’s Theatre Company of Minneapolis in collaboration with University of Minnesota. As a recipient of the Arts in Education Model Development and Dissemination (AEMDD) grant, Neighborhood Bridges is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a national model for arts education. There are 19 companies across the country now offering Neighborhood Bridges to schools in their community and Studio East is the first to offer it in Washington State.


The impact of Bridges is particularly evident among English Language Learners: 15% more of these students meet or exceed state standards in reading when compared to ELL students who had not been in Neighborhood Bridges. Exceeding goals, 100% of 2nd and 3rd grade students and 97% of 4th-6th graders who participated in Neighborhood Bridges met the benchmark for student achievement in writing.