The Journey…

The Journey… | Streaming Online November 20 – December 6

Directed Lani Brockman, Julie Grant & Etalia Thomas | Original Theater Piece written by Studio Teens

A link to watch the show will be posted here Friday, November 20 at 7pm. The show will be pay what you can – any donation (even a $1) will get you the link to stream.

View the show program below to read the Directors’ Notes and learn about the cast & crew of The Journey.

About the Show:

The poet Mark Nepo wrote that “… listening to the stories of others …is a kind of water that breaks the fever of our isolation. If we listen closely enough, we are soothed into remembering our common name.”

In this time of COVID 19 and widespread societal pain, anger, and sorrow, it is essential that we listen to the voice of each and every generation. Often the experience of teenagers and young adults is minimized and overlooked.  The impact of this pandemic, and of systemic racial injustice, is far reaching and long-lasting. It may be many years before we know what it means to individuals, as well as to whole generations. But for now, in this moment, we yearn to reach across the barriers of isolation and separation to find community. This Fall the Studio will be enlisting the creativity, art, and experience of our young artists to explore what it means to navigate this new world. We will explore the themes of this time through language, dance, music, video, and photographs.  Their Voice, Their Experience will be what informs the exploration and creation of the work.  We look forward to the journey, and hope that you will choose to witness the heart, the mind, and the soul of these remarkable artists as we all strive toward healing and resilience.

We invite you to join our Journey Community and share art that you have created during this time. Email to submit your work to be featured on our Journey page.