2019-20 Studio East Donors

Studio East would like to give a standing ovation to the following donors from our 2019-20 year:

501 Commons
AAA Washington
Ada Agrait
Adam and Maura Barr
Akiko and Tosh Kawai
Alan and Karin Dashen
Alan Yates and Tanya Cabral
Alexandra Nolan
Alison Danz
Alison Huang
Allison and Brian Vance
Allison and Corey Hughes
Alon Reter
Amanda Nitzsche
Amazon Smile Foundation
American Online Giving Foundation
Amy and Bob Maher
Amy Budwill
Amy Drackert and David Pelton
Amy Gibart
Amy Riter
Amy Roberts
Amy Winters
Ana and Mike Proctor
Andrea Jones
Andrew and Melissa Glynn
Andrew and Sarah Borthwick
Andrew Zins
Andy and Monica Luedke
Andy and Patti Carr
Angela Gist
Angela Shenoy
Angela Stewart
Ann Kuder
Anna Anderson
Anna Fassler
Anne Bartol
Anne Hess
Annette Bovey
Anthony’s Home Port
Arnaud Vallat
Ashlie Johnson
Avanti Bergquist
Avrum and Heidi Belinsky
Bambi Castro
Barbara & Brian Bansenauer
Barbara Keller
Barbara Killgore
Barbie and Brad Sutton
Bellevue Christian School
Ben Heywood
Beth and John Schleck
Beth Gale
Blake and Camille DeYoung
BNY Mellon Trust
Bonnie and Michael McDaniel
Boris and Julia Bobrov
Branda Andrade and Geoff Schwab
Brandi Carnes
Brandy and Magnus Andersson
Brendon Fogle and Judy Tanis
Brian and Lora O`Neill
Brian and Melissa O`Neal
Brooke Oettinger
Bruce MacKenzie and Crystal Eney
Candace Feingold
Candyce and Kevin O`Hara
Carmen Sofia Carranza-Haynie and Scott Haynie
Carol Whitaker
Carolyn and Michael Hinnant
Carolyn Kiser
Cathy Webb
Cedar River School of Renton
Celine Greathouse
Ceytha Bruner
Chad Bartlett
Charlene Mano Shen and Eugene Shen
Chery Castor
cheryl MacGregor
Chinda and William Tilson
Chris and Anna Jensen
Chris Steen
Christina Pierce
Christine and Bill King
Chun Hung Lin
Cindy and Matt Laukaitis
Cindy Bovey
Cindy Jacobs
Cindy Martin
City of Kirkland
Clara Fernandes and Luis Ferreira
Coldwell Banker Bain
Cole Eckerman
Colin and Gayle d`Hondt
Columbia Bank
Combined Fund of Washington State
Connie and Brett Johnson
Connie Hirnle
Cornelia Sarrys
Courtney and Fred Romano
Courtney and Timothy Davis
Courtney Carley
Creagh Miller
Crystal and Rob Griffin
Dan and Susan Kirby
Dana Fialdini
Dana Nasby and Matthew Wetmore
Daniel and Patricia Anders
Danielle Saliba
Darlene and Steve Pollard
David and Amanda Paull
David Bander
Dawn Hanner
Dayle and Sam Adkins
Debbie Amandoli and Henry Bischofberger
Debbie and Jim Carley
Deborah Garrard
Deborah Price
Denise and Alisson Sol
Dennis & Deborah DeYoung
Developing Minds
Dianna Caley
Divya Sekhar
Dmitry Berkovich and Svetlana Trubman-Berkovich
Donna Andonian
Doug & Mary Lu McFadyen
Dr. Alice Ormsby and Mr. Robert Freid
Dragonfly Diva
Dylan Jenkins
Ed and Anna-sara Grogan
Elaina and Steve Dulaney
Elizabeth Hoyer
Elizabeth Kaye
Elizabeth Mayo
Elizabeth Nachman and Tim Vokes
Elizabeth Oestreich
Emerald Downs
Emily Fouquette-Hoffman
Emily Ryan-Lysova
Eric and Erica Green
Eric and Jane Helbig
Eric and Julie Trott
Eric Behrens
Eric Lynch
Erik and Abby Eagleson
Erin and Ben Hunt
Erin and Todd Carter
Erin Helmholz
Erin Wright
Eun Ham
Evan Frank
Fanita and Wan Fan Tjiong
Fidelity Charitable
Ford Hyundai of Kirkland
Francisco Grijalva
Frederieke and Laurens Adriaanse
Gabriele Heys
Gail Kimmett
Gayle Shimokura and David Lee
Ge Wang and Wei Zhang
Gene and Kirsten Lowry
Genevieve Rideout
Geoff and Yumi L`Abbe
Geoff Knutzen and Mary Hanson
Georgiana and Ciprian Boboc
Gina Luff Bruns
Ginger and Peter Haughney
Glenda Weiher
Gloria Brockman
Gloria Taylor
Grace and Larry Ostrom
Grace Pang
Gregg and Shelley Percich
Greta Climer
Guardian Cellars
Hae Sue Park and Pedro Ada
Hale`s Ales
Hannah Tang
Harmony Burright
Heather and Andrew Jenks
Heather and Kurt Triplett
Heather Sherman and David Fandel
Heather Van Epps
Heavy Restaurant Group
Helen and Ronald Mitchell
Helen Wong
Henry Ipince
Heritage Distilling Company, Inc.
Hilary Adams
Hilary Feier and Frank Rossi
Holly Sassi
Ilka Oliverira
Infinity Marketing Group
Irene Matalon-Munro
Jackie Agee
Jacqueline and Scott Russell
Jaime Finn
James and Shobhna Hendry
Janae Jzyk
Janae Lasala
Jane and Rich Chiodo
Jane Davis
Jane Kim-Szpajda
Jane Vimont
Jani and Lance Gatter
Jared and Christina Hoffer
Jay Liao
Jayne Ava
Jean Klein
Jeff and Andrea Lockhart
Jeff and Kathi Coffler
Jeff Cole and Christine McKenzie
Jenna Kukuk
Jennifer and Dwight Smith
Jennifer and Eric Black
Jennifer Kirkland
Jennifer Marriott and Jeff Kramer
Jennifer Matte and Nick Simons
Jennifer Moraski
Jennifer Nguyen
Jennifer Pisani
Jeremy and Wendy Breiding
Jeremy Pollard
Jessica and Trevor Heringer
Jessica Gigot
Jessica McIntosh
Jessica Reeg and Stephen Goddard
Jessica Richards
Jill Elder and George Reynoso
Jill Tubbesing
Jim and Becky Henchman
Jim and Joy Jernigan
Jim and Kathy Feek
Jim and Sue Briggs
Jim Feek
Jim Snyder
Jinhee Noh
Joan Kelley
JoAnn McKimpson
Joanne and Robert McConnell
Jodie and Rick Miller
Joeke Kingma
Joni and Kirk Hardwick
Joseph and Cindy Daccurso
Josh and Jessica McMurdie
Josh and Mara Arnold
Joy and Mike Sorich
Joy and Steve Webb
Joyce Arnold
Judy Smith
Julia Todd
Julie Billett
Julie Dodobara
Julie Sparks-Stuht and Kevin Stuht
Julie Tramp
Julie Vano
Karen and Tom Getzinger
Karen Hoven and Bob Johnson
Karen Omahen
Karen Prell
Karen Somerville
Karin Keith and Marcelo Prieto
Karla Ely
Kate Cohen
Kate Randall
Kate Varni Leake
Katherine Katzman
Kathi and Michael Nicholas
Kathleen Bardsley
Kathleen Garrity
Kathrine Cabe
Kathy Smithers
Katie Dacumos
Katie Kelly
Katti and Blake Swanson
Kelline Carroll
Kelly and Chris Sparkman
Kelly Heitlauf
Kelsee and Garth Herrick
Ken and Rochana Whiting
Kendra Toner
Kenny Dalton
Kerri and Randy Davis
Kerri and Tim Booth
Kerry Kuenzi
Kerry Mcdonald
Kerry O`Keefe
Kevin and Janet Jordan
Khetiwe and Chengetayi Chitewere
Kim Maguire
Kim Saunders
Kimberley Olson
Kimberly and James Kloes
Kirkland Chamber of Commerce
Kirkland Interfaith Network
Kirsten Sullivan
Kirstin and Adam Brauch
Kris Solem and Paul David
Kristen Monahan
Kristi and Sishir Sekaran
Kristi Content
Kristin and Mike Eck
Kristin and Paul Ingalls
Kristy Hewitt
Kyle and Cindy Kruse
Lani Brockman and Martha A. Eagleson
Lara and Sean Nolan
Larry and Tammi Williams
Laura Kneale
Laura McLaughlin
Leah Cerkic
Leanne Rolston and Adam MacDonald
Lee Johnson Auto Family
Lesa and Scott Sammons
Leslie and Matt Holle
Leslie Martinka
Liberty Mutual/Safeco Foundation
Lily and Lucien LaMotte
Linda and Javier Gorordo
Linda Hall
Linda Leste
Lisa and Danh Ngo
Lisa and Wayne Cranston
Lisa Harrington
Lisa Olfert
Liz and Noel Clayton
Liz Dorsey
Lloyd Sim
Lois Gelman
Lori Curtis
Lucky Seven Foundation
Lynn and David Chesnut
Lynn Fischer
Lynn Fountain
Lynn`s Bistro
Lynne Phillips
M Carmen Escamilla-Soto
Madeline Barr
Madhavi Kaniganti and Bharat Mulupuru
Maggie McComb
Majestic Bay Theaters
Mako and Simon Guest
Mandy Budwill
Manon and Jorge Banuelos
Margaret and John Calhoon
Margaret Rottsolk and Eric Niebler
Margaret Yuchasz
Maria and John Frederiksen
Maria and Leon Pozen
Maria Mack
Marie Belisle
Marie McEwen
Marionchristy Monahan
Mark and Amy Eisenmann
Mark and Amy Lanum
Mark and Desiree Phair
Mark and Kelly Clark
Mark Carpenter and Cheryl Lowry
Mary Beth Abel
Mary Beth Binns and Jay Arnold
Mary Cabaniss-Ballard
Mary Ghan
Mary Jo Dedomenico
Mary Kope
Mary Lewison
Mary Pemberton
Mary Saad
Matthew Marolt
Maureen Purcell and Trevor Newbery
Meenakshi Sinha
Megan and Matt Michels
Megan Herscher
Megan Hogan
Melanie Usher
Meredith Lohbeck
Meredith Monticello
Meredith Rasche and Gustavo Rasche
Merrily and Don Dicks
Meta and Sean McDaniel
Michael and Cari Schutzler
Michael and Cindy Peltier
Michael and Lindsay Raymond
Michael and Marcia Barr
Michael and Robyn-Lynn Sprunger
Michael Green and Carrie Hakola
Michael Van Waardhuizen
Michele Palmer
Michelle and Chris Nichols
Michelle Lehner
Mindy and David Landsman
Misa Mariolle
Molly and Walter Hock
Molly Reed
Nancy and Eric Ozoa
Nancy Hurley
Nanette and Cary Henspeter
Natalia and Kimberly Ruth
Natalie Barney
Nathan Everett
Nathan Sult and Beth Tarter
Nelson Moniz
Network for Good
Nick and Andrea Chaplin
Nicola Amos and Jon Burke
Nicole Herskowitz and John Lamb
Nicole Sipila
Nikhil Ramesh
Nikki Parish and Jerry Hilperts
Nora and Jeff Berry
Omer Atay
One4All Charitable Fund
Ontra Marketing Group
OOLA Distillery
Pam Nolan
Pamela Allen
Pamela Corlett
Pamela Hynes
Pat and Heather Baldwin-Mccurdy
Patrice Varni
Patricia Barnes and Natalie Barney
Patrick and Deborah Watje
Paul Peterson
Paula and Jerry Luedke
Peter Morton
Pinar Samur
Pledgeling Foundation
Premera Blue Cross
PTO Exchange
Rachel Kuenzi
Rebecca Glaze
Rebecca Pennell
Renae and Dryke Martin
Rich and Pat Miailovich
Rich and Yayoi Wasserman
Richard and Marilyn Hanson
Rick and Shelly Woodruff
Ritz Sethi
Rob and Zane Bardsley
Rob Butcher
Rob McAdams
Robert and Paula Heddle
Robert and Suzanne Albers
Robert Merriman and Nan Li
Roberta Byker and Kim Miner
Roberta Orcutt
Robin and Michael Held
Robin and Will Ludlam
Rodrigo Brumana and Alessandra Silva
Rosalind Shick
Rossana and David Fox
Roxanne Estela
Rucel & Elizabeth Mangrobang
Ruthe and Randy Graybeal
Ryan Lile
Ryan Short
Samantha Byrd
Samantha Meisner
Samantha Miller
Sandra Ekins and Richard Ekins
Santos and Sue Contreras
Sara and Steve Corley
Sara Hayward
Sara Kruse
Sara Lampert
Sarah Bystrom
Sarah Getzinger
Sarah Mader-Dohmke
Sarah Tien
Sarah Viers
Schwab Charitable Fund
Scot Paulson
Scott and Joan Lee
Scott and Luciana Young
Scott Becker
Sean Mitchell
Shannon Luckino
Shannon Spencer
Sharyn Nagasawa
Shelley and Dave Dion
Sheri and Keith McHenry
Shiraz and Holly Cupala
Shoshana Hague
Signy Hayden
Silvija and Greg Coulter
Springfree Trampoline USA
Stacey and Ryan Sanders
Stacie Hiett
Stasia and Kevin Kehoe
Stella Batzel
Stephanie Anderl
Stephanie Brooks
Stephanie Page
Sterling Realty Organization
Steve and Debbie Dwyer
Steve Webb
Steven Crogan
Steven Tom
Sue and Chris Caile
Sue Phipps
Susan Aznoff
Susan Bardsley and Stephen Price
Susan Flick
Susan Ng
Tami and Rob Kowal
Tammy and Gary Gilliam
Tammy Silva
Tara and Adam Levin-Delson
Taryn Sparacio
Tatum Ludlam
Tere and Daniel Kaulfus
Teresa and Jeffrey Obert
Terri Roseman and Jon Sommer
The F. Danz Foundation
The Grape Choice
Theo and Emma Squires
Thibaut Vial and Xiaoli Duan
Thom and Pamela Stuart
Thu Nguyen
Tiffany Perle
Tim and Andrea Russell
Tim and Ramie Gilley
Tinte Cellars
Tomas Campomanes
Tony Scartozzi
Toshimi and Dave Dorratcague
Tracy Ferries
Traxx Indoor Raceway
Trent and Laura Latta
Trish Barnes
Troy Krieger
Unity in Lynnwood
Vijay Srirangam and Sangeetha Divakar
Vince Ste. Marie
Virginia Daugherty
William Qian and Yang Xiao
William Woods
Yamini Shah
Yelena Mushkatina
Yingying Gao
Yuan Mi and Yuhui Huang
Zach Brockman
Zachary Barr
Zinaida Lee