COVID-19 Updates

Friday, April 3, 2020 | 12:30pm

Dear Studio East Family,

During these weeks of isolation I find myself focusing more on the things that ultimately mean the most: friends, family, and joy.  Through all of the grief and uncertainty, I find that these things ground me and help me to continue facing the challenges that each day brings with a glimpse of optimism.

I am fortunate to be surrounded by like-minded souls at Studio East.  The unity of our staff, board, and artists has been reinforced by the responsiveness of our community.  We are so appreciative of the outpouring of support we have received from you and I wanted to take a moment and share some of the good news that you have helped to create.


Our education department, led by Corey Dunne, has been working endless hours along with our teaching artists to pivot to an online format and create a spring class schedule with really great offerings.  We’ve received 95 registrations in our first week! 


Help is on the way with the new CARES act stimulus package!  We are grateful to all of the representatives and senators who worked diligently to include small businesses and nonprofits in this bill.  We are submitting our loan application to the SBA along with millions of others and hoping for the best.  We know that even with approval for the maximum amount of benefits, the relief package alone will not be enough to pull us through to the other side of the pandemic, but it will definitely play a large role in our recovery.


Because the need is so great, you will see us continue to offer opportunities to help support us financially.  This week we opened a new campaign called, Ticket to Our Future.  Already, 68 tickets have been claimed!  This campaign will continue for a few more weeks and when we can once again gather at the studio; the lobby walls adorned with donor tickets will be a beautiful demonstration of love and support.

This makes me so proud, knowing that our entire community has come together even in dealing with probably the biggest challenges of our generation. Thank you!

These collective efforts allow us to continue serving our mission throughout the pandemic.  Please know that Studio East is committed to keep doing what we do best through our love of theater; connecting people and helping them find the joy that is needed always, and especially now.

Be safe and well,

Angela Gist, Managing Director

Friday, March 20, 2020 | 4:30pm

How Bad Is It?

This has been the most frequent question asked of us lately.  Not knowing when the COVID-19 crisis is going to be under control and when the restrictions will be lifted—this “not knowing” has made it incredibly difficult to answer this simple question with any degree of certainty.  We know these are uncertain times for each of you as well, and Studio East is committed to full transparency as we work through this crisis together.

The developments of the past two weeks are unprecedented.  The remaining season of StoryBook Theater has been cancelled.  We have ceased rehearsals for Sweeney Todd and The Bully Plays and postponed those productions.  Our production of Annie has been postponed as well.  We have discontinued classes, ArtReach productions, and Outreach programming in the schools.

What is certain at this moment is that we will have a $350,000 revenue loss.  As we continue to understand the true impact of the virus; we are anticipating that the total budget shortfall will be $750,000.

Resiliency is Job One!

The Studio East staff, teaching artists, production teams, and board have responded like the rock stars they are by attending hours of emergency meetings and engaging in creative problem solving to figure out how to adapt to the current reality.  In the days to come, you will hear more about what we’re putting together to continue serving our community using a host of virtual platforms.

The Path Forward

We are continuing registration for our Summer Camps and Online sales will open soon for the 2020/21 Season of StoryBook Theater.  Purchase with confidence!  “No hassle refunds” will be available if the outbreak causes cancellations into the summer and fall.

Many of you have paid for tickets or tuition for shows that have been cancelled or postponed.  We encourage you to consider converting your payment to a donation. For those of you who wish to pursue options outside of a donation, we will be sending an email on Monday to accommodate those transactions.

Your Support Today Ensures Our Future

While we are making every effort possible to keep our doors open, we recognize that this crisis is impacting not only our Studio East Family, but our Nation and the World.  Very soon we will need to make some incredibly hard decisions.  We want to thank every member of our family, for all the ways you have supported us through the years.  At this time, we are asking you to take a moment and make a donation of any amount—to ensure the Future of Studio East.

We are all in this together, and together, we will not only survive but THRIVE.