Studio East has provided high-quality theater classes, workshops and productions to local schools since 1991. In the 2013-14 school year we partnered with 13 elementary and middle schools in our ArtReach! production program (see below).  We also worked with seven other schools to provide after school classes and in school workshops, such as a week-long Mini YAPI, an Improv Day, and a six-week after school class.

Studio East brings theatrical experiences to your school:

After School ArtReach! Productions

After School Classes & Workshops

In-School Residencies

Let us create a customized program to meet your needs!

Give your students a safe environment to learn:

  • Confidence, Self-esteem
  • Team-building
  • Responsibility
  • Literacy, Public Speaking
  • Fun!

Contact the Education Director for details: 425-820-1800 x108


Studio East ArtReach! is a six-week after school residency in which up to 50 students put on a musical production. Our ArtReach! program is designed to give local schools an opportunity to have their own drama program. We realize that for many parents, it is not feasible to bring their children to the Studio for classes and rehearsals, nor is our facility large enough to house productions of this size. By reaching out into the community and offering this “taste of theater,” we are able to combine our resources to bring the most complete theater experience to your school. PTSA’s contract with Studio East for a specific title and dates, and we provide the Directing Team, sets, props and costumes.  We usually have one open slot in our ArtReach! schedule each year. Contact Kristina Sutherland Rowell, Education Director, for more details.

ArtReach! Parent Comments:

“It was a great program for the kids to see how the entire process worked. I was amazed by how everything came together. It was a wonderful production.”

“I liked how much the children learned and how well they were brought together as a group and they had so much fun during the entire experience!!”

“It was such a collaborative effort. We felt that the kids had fun and enhanced their team building skills.”

“Studio East ArtReach! has allowed all of my children to participate in something they love. If it weren’t for this program that comes to our schools they would not be able to be so involved in theater. It has made a huge impact on their goals for the future and keeps them involved in a very positive way with other students at their schools.”

Results from the 2013-2014 School Year



Between the 13 schools that participated this past year…

  • Around 600 students were involved both on stage and behind the scenes
  • Over 400 parents were actively involved behind the scenes
  • Over 6,000 parents, teachers, students, friends and family saw the full performance!

 This was the largest sales success that we have ever had!”

 Did You Know?

  • Almost 36% of the parent producers have been involved for at least four years!
  • Parent producers agree that the benefits of the program match the cost.  When asked, parent producers said:
    • “Yes! We love this program and hope to continue with it – it is such a wonderful opportunity for our students :)”
    • “Yes it is a great experience for the kids to be exposed to live theatre.”


Speaking of benefits…

Some of the major benefits of Studio East ArtReach! heard from parents and parent Producers were…

“This performance truly changed the direction of a half dozen of our students. Teachers came up to me during the rehearsal process telling me how such-and-such student has literally transformed into a new person.”

 “We had a student who had sometimes had difficulty engaging in their class and with other students at the school. We reached out to her to join the production and the results were nothing short of extraordinary. Her teachers felt that she was a more outgoing, engaging and happy individual – it brought out a wonderful side of her that they had never seen before. Ignoring all of the other benefits to all of the other students – having Studio East at our school was worth it just for that one student.”

“Watching the confidence in these students build over the weeks is pretty great. And the sense of accomplishment they all had when it was over was special. They really felt like they were an important part of something bigger than them.”

 “Our daughter really had to push herself in every way, and she grew up during these 6 weeks….truly remarkable experience for a 4th grader.”

My son’s self esteem has increased significantly by participating in this program. He did not want it to end and had no issues with staying late to practice. He was happy to get to know more of his fellow students which he would not have had the opportunity just by attending school. It increased his network and his project management skills.


From Students:

 “I enjoyed that I could be somebody else.”

 “I loved being taught so many things that I did not know.”

 “Having fun and learning new things about singing and acting! I also loved meeting new people.”